Prof. Snorre Harald Christiansen

Faculty Advisor

Email: snorrec (at) math.uio.no
Website: Snorre H. Christiansen

Research interests:

  • Boundary integral equations, preconditioning
  • Finite element spaces, in particular for differential forms
  • Yang-Mills-Higgs equations, lattice gauge theory
  • General relativity, Regge calculus


Executive Board:

Fabian Maximilian Faulstich

Founder, President and Webmaster

Email: f.m.faulstich (at) kjemi.uio.no
Website: Fabian M. Faulstich

Research interests:

  • Numerical analysis
  • The fermionic many-body problem
  • Coupled-cluster methods
  • Quantum computing

Håkon Emil Kristiansen

Vice President

Email: h.e.kristiansen (at) kjemi.uio.no
Website: Håkon E. Kristiansen

Research interests:

  • Real-time time-dependent wave function methods
  • Computational many-body physics
  • Quantum chemistry

Julie Héron

Secretary and Treasurer

Email: julie.heron (at) kjemi.uio.no
Website: Julie Héron

Research interests:

  • Computational chemistry
  • Density functional theory
  • Homogeneous catalysis
  • Microkinetic modeling

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