Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by fighting back.

—Paul Erdős



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    Fabian M. Faulstich, R. Kim, Z.-H. Cui, Z. Wen, G. K.-L. Chan, L. Lin
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    Jarrod R. McClean, Fabian M. Faulstich, Qinyi Zhu, Bryan O'Gorman, Yiheng Qiu, Steven R. White, Ryan Babbush, Lin Lin
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    Andre Laestadius, Fabian M. Faulstich
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    Fabian M. Faulstich, Andre Laestadius, Örs Legeza, Reinhold Schneider, Simen Kvaal
  5. Numerical and Theoretical Aspects of the DMRG-TCC Method Exemplified by the Nitrogen Dimer [J. Chem. Theory Comput.], [arXiv]
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    Andre Laestadius, Fabian M. Faulstich
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    Fabian M. Faulstich
  8. Unraveling Mirror Properties in Time-Delayed Quantum Feedback Scenarios [J. Mod. Opt.], [arXiv]
    Fabian M. Faulstich, Manuel Kraft, Alexander Carmele
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